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An attorney can help victims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Divorce

Those who have been victimized by intimate partner violence typically feel a loss of their personal power as a result of the abuse they suffered. These feelings of powerlessness can leave victims trapped in relationships and unable to leave.

But an Arizona attorney who is familiar with domestic violence can be a lifeline to desperate spouses. Learn the ways that lawyers can help their clients break free of the chains of pain and abuse.

First and foremost, your attorney can petition the court for protective orders that put your abuser on notice that any violations of the order can result in an arrest. Abusers may also have to vacate the premises and refrain from any contact whatsoever with their victims as stated in the protective orders.

If your abuser inflicted injuries and damages to you while you were in the relationship, any costs for medical treatment or other expenses may be recouped through a lawsuit for domestic violence. Your attorney can draft and file the petition for you right along with the divorce suit they file in civil court.

Filing for divorce can get you a much-needed income stream of spousal and/or child support. Together with any proceeds from the domestic violence litigation, you may have enough to start your life over far away from your abuser.

An attorney also serves as your advocate when you face down your abuser in a courtroom setting. He or she can literally stand by your side while you offer testimony about the abuse you suffered while in the relationship.

As the holiday season approaches, this is often a time when domestic violence peaks in abusive relationships. But you don’t have to suffer any longer in silence. It can be difficult for someone who has been abused to speak up, especially publicly, about their abuse. There is still a lot of unwarranted shame circling around victims of spousal abuse, but this has fortunately been changing for the better in recent years.

Being able to reach out to a compassionate, competent attorney who is well-versed in all aspects of the law as it deals with the problem of domestic violence can truly be liberating.

Don’t spend another holiday season under the thumb of an abuser. Learn what options you can explore to set yourself free from the chains of domestic abuse and discover the joys of living in an atmosphere free from violence and pain.