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An Attorney And Mediator Prepared To Guide You

Litigation often causes stress, contention and expensive fees. Mediating a dispute can help you avoid these negative issues. At Ashley Donovan Law, PLLC, I provide a wealth of legal experience in family law mediation to clients throughout greater Tempe and the Phoenix metro area.

I am both a family law attorney and a certified mediator. I regularly represent individual clients in mediation sessions. In addition, my services are available for Arizona couples seeking a neutral mediator for their sessions.

What To Know About Mediation

Compared to traditional divorce litigation, mediation has a variety of benefits. In particular, if you have children, mediation can help them by preventing you and their co-parent from having to appear before each other in a court battle. Other benefits include:

  • Keeping divorce settlements and other disputes private
  • Maintaining amicable relationships
  • Reducing legal expenses
  • Reducing the time spent on a dispute
  • Reach mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Minimize stress and strife

When representing clients in mediation, I draw from all the knowledge I have gained as a mediator. It helps me develop strategies that I have seen work time and time again so I can implement them to your benefit.

Is Mediation Right For Me?

Despite its many benefits, mediation is not necessarily for everyone. It works most effectively for spouses who can:

  • Communicate politely
  • Set aside their differences
  • Work together
  • Compromise on certain issues

I can speak with you personally to help you decide whether pursuing mediation is the right course for your family’s legal concerns. If it is not, I am prepared to represent you in collaborative law or in a traditional family law trial. Even in litigation, I provide you with compassion and keep the process as respectful as possible.

Discuss Mediating Your Divorce Or Other Disputes – Free Consults

If you are interested in mediating a complex family dispute, you can turn to me at Ashley Donovan Law, PLLC. To begin, please call 480-900-5334 or send me an email. I provide free initial consultations and offer flexible appointment hours.