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How spousal maintenance works in Arizona

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

In many parts of the United States, to calculate alimony amounts, the courts use a formula. Here in Arizona, alimony is known as spousal maintenance. In addition to the name variation, there is no strict formula that divorcing spouses use to to calculate the amount of alimony they pay or receive. Understandably, this can lead to many disputes between divorcing spouses, as it can be difficult for them to agree on how much should be paid.

If you are considering a divorce here in Arizona, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the way the law works regarding alimony. While permanent alimony is becoming increasingly rare, it is still possible for the court to award it, especially when the spouses are past retirement age. Temporary alimony is much more common, and is often awarded for months or years following the divorce.

How is alimony decided in Arizona?

In the case of a dispute between divorcing spouses, a judge will be the one who will determine the amount of spousal maintenance. The judge will consider and weigh many different factors in order to come to a fair and just decision. Those seeking spousal maintenance will likely prevail if they were not awarded sufficient assets in the divorce proceedings, and if they were financially dependent on the other spouse during the marriage. The judge will also assess the support-seeking spouse’s ability to generate an income in the foreseeable future.

Any necessary expenditures will also be considered by the judge. For example, if the support-seeking spouse suffers from a medical condition that he or she cannot afford to treat on a single income, the other spouse may be ordered to provide financial support regarding this issue for a defined amount of time.

There are many reasons why spousal maintenance may be awarded, and effort is made to ensure that it is fair for both parties. If you want to learn more about spousal maintenance in Arizona, it is a good idea to conduct thorough research.