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How social media affects divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Divorce

Most people use at least one form of social media. However, if someone is going through a divorce, they must be cognizant of what they post on those accounts. Even if someone has their privacy set to where only friends or followers can view their posts, it is still possible that someone may screenshot and share a post.

Here are some ways social media can affect divorce proceedings in Arizona.

Child custody

One spouse can use social media posts against the other when child custody is a factor. For example, in the case of a separated couple, it might not be good optics for the parent who has the children for the weekend to post photos of themselves out late with friends during that time. While there is nothing wrong with having fun, it is advisable to think twice before uploading those photos.

Asset division

People enjoy using social media to show off their new cars, homes and other possessions. However, this can come back to bite them if they later go before a judge saying that the divorce is straining their finances or they cannot afford child support payments.


Getting a divorce already comes with heightened emotions. Emotions can become more elevated when, for example, one spouse sees the other post pictures with a new partner on social media. One thing that spouses can do in these cases is to avoid looking at each other’s social media for a while.

By being aware of how social media affects divorce, people can take steps to avoid showing themselves in a negative light or egging on the other party.