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How does spousal support work in Arizona?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2021 | Spousal Support

Establishing a separate household after divorce falls outside the budget for some Arizona residents. If you left the workforce to raise children or support your spouse’s career, you may be unable to earn enough money to become financially independent.

Review the details about spousal support in Arizona to learn more about whether you may qualify for maintenance after your marriage ends.

Types of spousal maintenance

When you file for divorce or answer your spouse’s divorce petition, you can ask for spousal maintenance. Pendente lite support lasts during the separation only. Temporary support starts when the divorce becomes final and continues for a set period. The judge may require you to take steps such as job education and training. Arizona courts rarely award permanent support, but you can potentially receive this type of alimony if you cannot work because of age or disability.

Factors in spousal maintenance decisions

You and your spouse can reach an agreement about spousal maintenance, also called alimony, outside of court. If you cannot come to a consensus that suits your best interests, you can ask the judge to decide. He or she will review:

  • Your marital contributions, including non-monetary contributions such as raising children and caring for the household
  • Whether the other spouse can afford to pay alimony
  • The marital standard of living prior to separation
  • Your age and ability to earn an independent living
  • How long the marriage lasted

Arizona does not have a specific formula for spousal maintenance. If the judge awards alimony, he or she will determine a reasonable amount based on each person’s income.