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Why spousal maintenance issues are often contentious in Arizona

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Divorce

Spousal maintenance often becomes a contentious topic during Arizona divorce proceedings. Various factors contribute to the disputes surrounding spousal maintenance.

These complexities often lead to contentious debates and disagreements over the terms of spousal maintenance. They may also extend divorce proceedings, costing both parties involved more money.

Economic disparities

A common reason spousal maintenance issues are often contentious is due to economic disparities between spouses. When divorcing, the spouse with a lower income or fewer assets may seek spousal maintenance for financial stability. However, the higher-earning spouse may resist paying the other support. This can lead to disputes over the appropriate amount and duration of support.

Length of marriage

The duration of the marriage is another factor contributing to contentious spousal maintenance issues. Longer marriages may result in higher and longer-lasting spousal maintenance awards. This is especially likely if one spouse sacrifices career opportunities. Disputes arise when couples disagree on whether spousal maintenance is fair. This is particularly common in marriages of moderate to long duration.

Lifestyle and standard of living

The lifestyle and standard of living established during the marriage can impact spousal maintenance negotiations. If one spouse became accustomed to a certain lifestyle, that party may seek spousal maintenance to maintain it post-divorce. Conversely, the paying spouse may argue maintaining the same lifestyle is unrealistic or burdensome, leading to disagreements.

By addressing spousal maintenance early in the divorce process, couples can work toward fair resolutions that meet the needs of both parties. Open communication and a willingness to negotiate can also facilitate smoother transitions and reduce conflicts during divorce proceedings.