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Does Arizona permit a no-fault divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Divorce

No-fault divorce provides an opportunity for couples to get divorced without having to prove that either party did something wrong to end the marriage. Couples can declare that their marriage is irretrievably broken instead.

Arizona permits no-fault divorce filings, and there are a few things to know before you file.

What are the benefits of no-fault divorce?

Since a no-fault divorce eliminates the need to prove any wrongdoing, it provides an option that minimizes the conflict and animosity of the process. Nearly 75% of divorcing couples cite a general lack of commitment as a driving factor for their divorce, and a no-fault option allows for mutual agreement and collaboration to settle the case.

Privacy is another benefit of the no-fault option. Since litigation and detailed court decrees often become public records, you can choose a no-fault divorce and reach a settlement out of court to protect your privacy.

You might also find that no-fault proceedings are faster and more affordable since you do not have the hours of litigation time and preparation. You can resolve your divorce and move on faster and with less upheaval.

How do you get a no-fault divorce?

You petition the court for a no-fault divorce the same way you would a fault-based case. The petition simply states that the marriage is unsustainable, broken and unrecoverable. If both parties mutually agree, this can speed the process up considerably as well.

If you and your spouse can communicate and agree on the resolution, a no-fault case could be right for you.